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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics
Recommerce Group can handle all transportation coordination and scheduling through our in-house Logistics Department

Our reverse supply chain solution is supported by leading freight management software containing comprehensive web-enabled shipment routing and tracking capabilities which allows Recommerce Group to ship your product back to Recommerce Group facilities via the most cost-effective route. Recommerce Group is committed to maintaining state-of-the-art software solutions that are cost effective and enhance visibility of product.

  • Leveraged Rates specific to Customer Returns
  • Customized routing guides by state and store
  • Reverse Directed Less-than-truckload shipment consolidation programs across Recommerce Group clients and retailers
  • Customized web enabled reporting, tracking and data retention

Dock Sweep™
Our unique consolidated Dock Sweep program allows you to reduce costs and increase your efficiency. Rather than send multiple packages various different ways using multiple carriers, allow Recommerce Group to consolidate your returns at retail level. Scheduled pick up service is organized by Recommerce Group and all products shipped to Recommerce Group regional return centers.
  • Reduces the number of high cost per pound parcel shipments
  • Reduce the number of shipments and "Minimum" charge shipments
  • Eliminate the "default" express service codes on parcel shipments
  • Reduce weighted average zones and distance.
  • Less "touches", minimizing potential shipping damage
  • Expert freight handling at Recommerce Group destinations