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Engineering & Quality Assurance

Recommerce Group is committed to exceeding all appropriate industry and customer specifications, as well as continuing to establish new standards of product and service excellence. Our priority is to preserve our client's trademark quality standards and brand reputation. Our continuos quality improvement program (CQIP) provides consistent assurance that our products meet the customer's demands in today's market.

  • Use of our Remanufacturing Engineering Manufacturing Analysis Network (REMAN™) System
  • Use Pareto analysis to identify the failure modes
  • Validate engineering changes and new product designs
  • Quantify the cost of identified failure modes
  • Recommend product improvements
  • Issue corrective action requests to OEM suppliers
All units are thoroughly assessed, tested and cleaned in a multi-step process.
  • Standardization is to ensure correlation and compatibility of inspection procedures and equipment
  • Document Control defines the process which includes, validation, communication and approval
  • Returns Inspection is performed on inspected units from consumers for continuous product and process improvement
  • Product Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) & Root Cause Analysis identifies the most likely failure modes of the products using historical data and cross functional group analysis
  • Critical to Quality (CTQ) are quality attributes of the components/assemblies most critical to building a quality product
  • Engineer Usage Study utilizes the experience of our engineers to evaluate product performance and value
  • In-Process Quality Control is used to verify process capability and facilitate continuous improvement
  • Packaging is a part of a list of requirements that ensure safe and efficient transit of the finished product and components
  • Finished Goods Inspection is used to ensure quality of the finished product
  • Corrective Actions are responses to quality defects and non-conformances, to ensure quality and prevent future defects and non-conformances