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Returned Product Purchasing

Product Purchasing

saleshandshakeRecommerce Group has the ability to purchase all of your returned products allowing you to turn your inventory into cash.

Some manufacturers do not want to be involved in the remanufacturing or sales process of their returned and distressed inventories. Recommerce Group will purchase the entire inventory while still honoring and managing the sales channel. Thus, there the manufacturer will avoid any sales channel conflicts and still retain brand equity as well as control as to where the product is sold.

In addition, Recommerce Group will continue to provide visibility of product and supply issues to the manufacturer throughout the entire process.

Secondary Market Sales

Recommerce Group specializes in the sale of products in the secondary market channel: remanufactured products, closeout/obsolete inventory, buybacks, surplus, and overstock inventories.

  • A wide range of inventory guaranteed to fit your needs
  • Recommerce Group provides dealers with a broad range of consumer products at varying price points.
  • Recommerce Group can also "tailor" inventories and shipments to secondary market buyers.

Secondary Market Customers include:

  • Closeout retailers
  • Discount retailers
  • Hardware chains
  • Appliance & Electronics stores
  • Drug store chains
  • Discount e-tailers
  • Home centers
  • Salvage centers
  • Event Sales
  • Augmentation & Liquidations Sales

Recommerce Group will provide you with a professional sales team allowing you to monetize your assests. As part of every engagement, Recommerce Group sales professionals will strategically analyze your products to determine the optimal sales strategies for each asset category.

  • Forecast revenues streams
  • Provide retail and contact visibility
  • Market pricing analysis - find and accept only the highest offers!
  • Move your product quickly without a sales channel conflict

Our Products Include:
  • Major Appliances
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines
  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Power Tools (Gas and Electric)
  • Compressors
  • Household Appliances
  • Water Dispenser / Filtration Products
  • Air Conditioning / Filtration Products
  • Floorcare Products
  • Branded & Private Label Goods and more!