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About Us

Corporate Overview

Recommerce Group Industries is an industry leader in returned product management, return center services, remanufacturing, reprocessing, repairing and recycling of consumer products. For over two decades the management team at Recommerce Group has been servicing some of the world's leading consumer product manufacturers.

Instead of discarding millions of defective, damaged, and un-repairable returned products into America's overflowing landfills, which cost manufacturers millions of dollars to transport, process and dispose of annually, Recommerce Group developed environmentally conscious proprietary remanufacturing, reprocessing and recycling processes with the highest recovery rate of those very products without the use of new replacement parts.

Recommerce Group has positioned itself as a premier returned product management and remanufacturing company, offering the following services to consumer product manufacturers:
  • Reverse Logistics Services
  • Return Product Management
  • Return Center Services
  • Quality Assurance Inspection Services
  • Defect Data Reporting
  • Re-qualification Services
  • Remanufacturing Services
  • Warranty Repair Services
  • Recycling Services
  • Warehousing & Distribution of Remanufactured Products
  • Re-marketing Services
  • Supply Chain Consulting

Our rigorous UL approved proprietary remanufacturing, reprocessing and recycling processes are utilized on all our customers' products by many of our factory trained technicians, followed by a strict schedule of final UL approved inspections and testing with quality levels set to exceed manufacturers' specifications, consistently producing products often "compared to new." The facilities and remanufacturing procedures exceed the stringent standard for both the US and Canadian UL listing and approval requirements.

Recommerce Group employs factory trained engineers, technicians, machinists, assemblers, and material handlers and warehousing personnel, as well as s a full staff of product design, mechanical and electrical engineers who manage and operate the engineering and quality assurance departments.

Recommerce Group is currently working directly with local, state and federal government agencies to help conserve energy and protect the environment by using effective methods to remanufacture, reprocess and recycle consumer products.