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Return Authorization

Significantly reduce the costs by centralizing and controlling the Return Authorization (RA) process.

formRA Authorization
Whether done automatically or manually by phone, fax, EDI or web, Recommerce Group manages return authorizations from thousands of centralized and de-centralized consumer and retailer return centers across North America.

RA Administration
Recommerce Group uses an advanced proprietary software alongside a highly skilled customer service team to receive all RA requests. We manage all transportation coordination and scheduling through our in-house Logistics Department.

Our Freight Management Program ensures the best rates from the most dependable carriers with centralizes billing, auditing and claims services by leveraging shipments.

Return Routing

  • Issue approvals/denials
  • Issue and Tracks RAs by retailer, location, brand, SKU, carrier, reason codes, etc.
  • Open and close RAs
  • Issue daily or weekly RA reports back to client/manufacturer/retailer
  • Issue routing guides and instructions for shipment of product


By centralizing and controlling the RA process, Recommerce Group customers now control the transportation and therefore reducing the cost of shipping return products back to the Recommerce Group regional return centers.


Centralized Return Centers - Returns from customers are all shipped to a central location where they are stored and processed for Recommerce Group

De-centralized Return Centers - Transport of returned products piece by piece. Returns are located at individual stores throughout the nation.