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  • Return Authorization

    RA Processing

    Significantly reduce the costs by centralizing and controlling the Return Authorization (RA) process.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Reverse Logistics

    Leveraged Rates specific to Customer Returns and customized routing guides by state and store.

  • Recovery Center

    Recovery Center

    Leverage our strategically placed North American return centers and facilities to your advantage.

  • ASIS


    Recommerce Group can purchase entire inventories while still honoring and managing the sales channel.

  • Rework / Repackage

    Rework / Repackage

    Due to our experience and extensive resources we have the flexibility complete complex product repackaging programs.

  • Remanufacturing


    The Power of Recommerce Group is encompassed by our proprietary remanufacturing processes

  • Recycling


    We have four levels of recycling that reduce waste and deliver the ultimate green solution.

  • Engineering & Quality Assurance

    Engineering & Quality Assurance

    Recommerce Group is committed to exceeding all appropriate industry and customer specifications, as well as continuing to establish new standards of product and service excellence.

  • Warehousing


    Recommerce Group operates a network of centers in North America and partners globally.

  • Fulfillment


    Recommerce Group has the ability to centralize the ordering and distribution of materials and products.

  • Forward Logistics

    Forward Logistics

    We provide an integrated transportation management system along with years of logistics experience to ensure the best solution for our clients.

  • After Sale Support

    After Sale Support

    Ask basic questions, obtain general information, conduct routine transactions, and resolve minor problems.

  • Supply Chain Consulting

    Supply Chain Consulting

    Identify supply chain strategies to find the right network providing the lowest cost and highest service level.

  • E-Commerce


    Sell products on Overstock, Amazon and eBay. Recommerce Group also provides its own e-commerce services.

  • Closeouts / Buybacks

    Closeouts / Buybacks

    Recommerce Group has the ability to buyback diverse inventories directly from the store level.

  • Product Representation

    Product Representation

    Our Product representation team has many years of experience presenting and closing accounts.