One Platform to Manage, Drive and Control Your Reverse Supply Chain.

It’s time to Maximize your recovery.

Recommerce provides leading brands with services and technology to manage, process, disposition and drive sales for their returned products.

Returns Management

Don’t let returns be a burden on your business, let Recommerce add margin directly to your bottom line. Our returns management process gives you the most value.

Reman & Refurb

Introducing a new standard where only those products that bear the Recommerce label have been remanufactured in accordance to OEM specifications.

Omni-Channel Sales

Our technology and services provides all the channel management and fulfillment support needed for omni-channel sales.


Our integrated logistics network allows us to store and ship your products direct to customers, while complying with e-commerce fulfillment SLAs.

Returns Management

Recommerce  receives, grades, and reports discrepancies, which provides a full two-way debit reconciliation using its’ proprietary REMAN™ technology.

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Returns Management

Recommerce receives, grades and reports discrepancies that provide a full two-way debit reconciliation using its proprietary REMAN™ technology

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Remanufacturing & Refurbishing

Products can be remanufactured and refurbished to cosmetically and mechanically like-new condition. We provide different levels of remanufacturing allowing each client to customize their service to their needs.

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1. Product Inspection

Every product return we get back, goes through a rigorous multi-step inspection process. Every test or action (unique by product) that we take as part of the inspection is logged in our digital ledgers along with condition images.

This data makes make up our “REMAN™ Facts”.

DD Motor

Control Board

Drain Pump

Gear Casing

Shifter Assembly

2. Remanufacturing or Refurbishing

All products go through our Recommerce  certified process. Those products that are remanufactured, get rebuilt to specifications of the original manufacturer, using a combination of reused, repaired and new parts.

Refurbished products are thoroughly tested for functionality and defects before they are moved to the repackaging stage.

3. Repackaging

Once the product has been remanufactured or refurbished, we re-package the product based on the specifications of the original manufacturer.

At this stage, we take pride and certify our process with a Recommerce  label. The label is our quality promise, which allows end customers to register and become part of the Recommerce  community taking action to reduce landfills.

4. Ready to Sell & Ship

Products are then inventoried in one of our 3 facilities in the US, and immediately made available for sale on our omni-channel platform.

The distribution of the product is managed through the Recommerce  platform based on the original manufacturer’s approved channel strategy.

Omni-Channel Sales

Recommerce’s technology and services provides all the management and fulfillment required to support omni-channel sales.

We work with manufacturers and products across multiple categories ranging from top Fortune 500 to small and medium-sized manufacturers/retailers.

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With the REMAN™ platform, manage and ship direct to customers from our strategically located North American facilities.

Our fulfillment solution provides the needed centralized management to support Omni-Channel sales of your secondary market products.

We strategically centralize the distribution of products. Our distribution also makes it easy to complete fulfillment processes for online merchants.

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Key Benefits

Individual order picking

Distribution of sales materials

Regionalized returns processing

Customized services

Small package shipping and consolidation