Recover the highest value from your products with Recommerce Omni-Channel Sales.

Control your reverse supply chain from returns authorization all the way to selling direct to consumers through the sales channels your approve.

Recover the highest value

Eliminating distribution layers traditionally involved in the secondary market supply chain guarantees a higher recovery for your products.

Stop selling your products at less than market value prices to middlemen and liquidators, or paying just to have them recycled or thrown away. We remove unnecessary costs of moving products across warehouse locations. Our direct to consumer approach increases the value you get for your returned products.

With Recommerce

Single Touchpoint

Full Timeline Transparency

Optimised Profits

Without Recommerce

Multiple Touchpoints

Complex Operations

Costly Middlemen

Dedicated Account Manager

As part of our service, you get a dedicated account manager to work with you on the success of your secondary market strategy.

Our experience tells us that relationships with these sales channels as well as an active account management role is key to the success.

Centralised Fulfillment

Our fulfillment solution provides all management, fulfillment and logistics services to support channel sales on all remanufactured product.

We have the ability to centralize the ordering and distribution of materials and products. Centralized distribution also makes it easy to reorder supplies and complete fulfillment processes for online merchants.

Brand Protection

We understand the importance of a highly competitive fulfilment solutions for the retailers we supply, so we provide them a rapid and low-cost dropshipping solution.

Customers receiving remanufactured products from Recommerce via our drop shipping service for retailers will notice no difference compared to if it were shipped by the retailer.

We align with retailer fulfillment promises to maintain their high customer satisfaction levels – and your brand integrity.

“We work across multiple categories & with companies ranging from top Fortune 500 to small & medium-sized manufacturers & retailers.”