Gain full transparency over the end-to-end processing of your brands returned products.

Vertically integrated returns management, remanufacturing services and omni-channel sales with full control.

Returns Management

Powered by the REMAN™ platform, our reverse supply chain solution is supported by shipment routing and tracking capabilities.

This allows us to ship your product back to one of our facilities via the most cost-effective route. We’re committed to solutions that are cost effective and provide transparency.

Key Benefits

Leveraged rates specific to customer returns

Customized routing guides by state and store

Reverse Directed Less-than-truckload shipment consolidation programs across clients and retailers

Reporting, tracking and data retention all available on the platform

Remanufacturing & Refurbishing

We understand the importance of your brand’s reputation. Because of this, we have developed a multi-step process that inspects, repairs, cleans and repackages all your returns to manufacturing standards prior to being offered for sale. All products are 100% functional to the manufacturer’s factory specifications.

All products we remanufacture are produced to cosmetically and mechanically like-new condition as well as functionality and safety in accordance with original manufacturer specifications.

As part of our remanufacturing solution we’re committed to exceeding all appropriate industry and customer specifications, as well as continuing to establish new standards of product and service excellence. Our priority is to preserve our customer’s trademark quality standards and brand reputation.

Full Remanufacturing

Covers all aspects of remanufacturing, repair & testing.

Mechanical Repair

Various technical and mechanical repairs.

Cosmetic Repair

Scratch, blemish, dent removal.

Electromechanical Repair

Wiring, hardware repair and electrical component repair.

Light Repair/Refurbish

Minor fixes and repair.

Deep Repair

Major repair involving multiple components.

Function Testing & Analysis

Units tested to make sure all functions work as required.

Safety Testing

Units tested to comply with all safety regulations.

Omni-Channel Sales & Fulfillment

Using Recommerce’s Omni-Channel sales platform and fulfillment solution allows you to sell your products across major marketplaces and e-commerce sites while delivering to each of their fulfillment requirements.

Recover the highest amount for your product while acquiring new customers. Eliminating the various distribution layers that are traditionally involved in the secondary market supply chain, guarantees a higher recovery for your products.

We don’t just sell the products for you. Our warehousing & fulfillment services support the channel sales on all remanufactured products.

Having Recommerce manage your order fulfillment removes the unnecessary costs of moving products across warehouse locations.

We comply with the strict fulfillment standards of the different online sales channels and traditional retailers. We ensure a consistent, positive experience for customers…and keep them coming back for more.